delta liden faucet streaming water into a sink bay
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The shiny (or perhaps dull and crusty) fixture on your sink is your faucet. But contrary to what you may be experiencing, a faucet is not supposed to drip water constantly. THe good news: that's an easy fix—in fact, fixing a dripping faucet for someone else (ahem, lady friend) will score you some pretty big bonus points. So first get acquainted with the basics with Get a Handle on the Kitchen Faucet. Then follow the step-by-step instruction in How to Repair a Dripping Single-Handled Cartridge Faucet and How to Repair a Dripping Two-Handled Stem Faucet

If it's time to get yourself a new faucet, follow How to Install a Pull-Out Faucet. These one-handled wonders make scrubbing unwieldy pots (and super-soaking your friends) a snap.
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