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It's the cabinets that make the kitchen (not, as you might think, the size of your fridge or the BTUs in your gas range). Cabinets are the storage staple of every kitchen, home to everything from spices to dishware to pots and pans, or even some of these Wacky Kitchen Products I, II, and III.

But with so many options out there, how's a guy to know what to get? Start by familiarlizing yourself with All About Kitchen Cabinets, a perfect introduction to materials, finishes, and styles. Once you've got a handle on the basics, 9 Great Kitchen Cabinet Upgrades will show you how to take your storage center to the next level.

If you do opt to replace the boxes you have, do it the right way by following TOH general contractor Tom Silva's steps in How to Hang Kitchen Cabinets. Or if new storage is out of your budget, upgrade your cupboards with a simple coat of paint. See how in How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets.

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