blueberry for bright colored fall trees and shrubs
Photo: Tim Gainey/Alamy
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(Vaccinium spp.)

When the dainty bell flowers of spring and the juicy berries of summer are just memories, blueberries continue to delight, with leaves that turn yellow, orange, or wine red in fall. Northern types do well where winters are cold but don't set fruit in warm-winter areas. There, grow southern varieties, also known as rabbiteyes. All northern types have brilliant fall color. Of the southern varieties, the hybrid 'O'Neal'and 'Jubilee' (V. corymbosum) are two of the best looking. 'Sunshine Blue,' an evergreen, performs well nearly everywhere. About half its leaves turn red in the fall; the rest stay on all winter.

Full sun to partial shade; regular water; Zones 5-10
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