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Photo: courtesy of Green Demolitions
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Buying Guide: Used

If you're patient (or lucky) and willing to compromise on the fit, finish, or style, you can score a set of custom or semi-custom cabinets for less than the price of stock. Watch Craigslist, or visit stores that specialize in reclaimed home goods, such as one of Green Demolitions' three East Coast showrooms or Habitat for Humanity's national ReStore network. Give them a thorough inspection and keep your cash if you discover any of these problems: out-of-square carcasses, delaminating veneers, cracked door panels, and, unless you're willing to paint everything, major flaws in the finish. Missing or damaged hinges and drawer hardware are fairly easy to replace.

This like-new suite of semi-custom cabinets on display at Green Demolitions recently sold for just $6,000, including the stone countertops and all appliances; available from Green Demolitions
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