remodeled and enlarged kitchen floor plan
Photo: Pete Bleyer
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What We Did

Better laid out (and equipped) in a 14-foot square, the kitchen is anchored by an island with a prep sink and stools.

1. Opened up the kitchen to a new family room/dining area via a wide passageway framed by salvaged wood columns.
2. Put in an island 3 feet wide and 7½ feet long where kids and guests can hang out—or wash salad greens at the prep sink.
3. Added a second oven, a microwave, and freezer drawers across from the range/fridge wall—no more traffic jams during marathon meal prep.
4. Installed a double-hung with a swing-in screen to serve as a pass-through for the outdoor barbecuer and his kitchen staff.
5. Added more counter space within easy reach of the main sink and range.
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