composite of four reader tip that save time and money
Photo: Erik Rank

Aren't YOU Clever!

Amazing! That's all we could say after reviewing all the DIY tips and tricks you gave us this year. So we've come to an obvious conclusion: You're all a bunch of latter-day Thomas Edisons—brimming with inventive, practical ideas and always looking for ways to save a buck or avoid a trip to the store.

With each of these tips, your resourcefulness shines through. For example: Don't have a fancy bit for stuck screws? No problem; see Tip #7. Can't afford a custom marble threshold? Check out Tip #13. And who knew Shop-Vacs could be used to dig holes? (See Tip #8.)

As Edison said, an inventor needs a good imagination and a pile of junk. We can't supply the junk, but there are plenty of ideas here to spur your imagination. We're counting on you for another round of tips next year.
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