pulsating sprinkler planted in grass and soil
Photo: Eric Piasecki

Water Works

Short of standing around with a hose in your hand, sprinklers are the simplest and cheapest way to keep growing things quenched. Which type to choose depends on your climate and greenery, the shape of your lawn or beds, and the texture of your soil—whether it's porous sand, dense clay, or absorbent loam affects how fast you need to put the water out. Unless you have a small, square plot of grass, most likely you'll need a couple of models to reach all the areas that need watering.

Sprinklers are relatively inexpensive—from $15 to $35 for the more common oscillating, pulsating, or rotating varieties—so choosing a few is easy on the wallet. On the following pages, you'll find out how to pick the best sprinkler for your landscape, plus tips for proper watering.
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