Bargain Barrel

Who> Tony Stambrouskas Jr.

Where> East Hartford, CT

What> "I made my own rain barrels. I like collecting rainwater for my yard but flinched at the cost of the barrels sold at the garden store. So I picked up two cleaned-out 55-gallon plastic drums from an auto detailing shop for free. I drilled holes through each one and connected them by adding a short length of hose, then installed a hose bib at the bottom of one barrel to provide an outlet for the water I collect. I also placed an old gutter and downspout with diverter into one barrel to channel away overflow. The only things I had to buy were hoses, two plastic hose ends, and waterproof epoxy. Now, with 100-plus gallons of water on standby, my garden won't die of thirst."

SAVED> $170
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