Window Winner

Who: Mark C.
Where: League City, TX
Moxie Measure: If replacing one window is considered a job for an advanced DIYer, replacing 11 gives Mark a well-earned notch on his toolbelt. After first researching all the local codes and comparing them to manufacturers' test reports, Mark then proceeded to do the dirty work. He would replace one window a weekend—including three 4-by-8 foot ones and one of the second story—weather permitting. He took out the old windows and added fiberglass insulation. Figuring out how to caulk each window while not letting the spacer fall out took forethought and choreography. And while it was a trial-and-error process (as shown by the picture above), Mark didn't give up and call a contractor. In fact, he even went an extra step, adding new casings and molding to give his windows a handsome look.
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