Medal of Brazenry

Who: George Winkelmann
Where: Akron, OH
Moxie Measure: Even die-hard remodelers would have had second thoughts about taking on the 1906 molded-concrete-block farmhouse in the state that George found it. The house had been abandoned for about 20 years and severely vandalized. All the windows were broken and doors kicked off their hinges with broken jambs. There was no heat, electricity, water, sewer or septic. Oh, and the roof leaked. Still, undeterred, George and his wife gutted the house down to the studs, saving door jambs, doors, and the home's tongue-and-groove floors. Then they re-roofed, replaced all the windows, and put in new HVAC, plumbing, and electrical. With new drywall and wood trim milled to match the originals, they planned to move in this spring of 2010.
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