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Tsunami: New York City

Think the March 2011 tsunami in Japan, with a death toll over 14,000, or the 2006 Indian Ocean tsunami, which killed 250,000 people, were the worst waves that could ever hit mankind? Think again. Scientists believe Cumbre Vieja, a volcano in the Canary Islands off the West African coast, is in imminent danger of collapse. When it does, the massive landslide that results will cause a tsunami of Michael Bay proportions.

Essentially, scientists theorize that the falling rock will send a huge surge of displaced water racing across the Atlantic at 500 miles per hour. Destination: the East Coast of the United States. Just 7 hours after the first splash, the tsunami—now a wall of water nearly 200 feet tall—would sweep about 20 miles inland, obliterating most cities on the Atlantic Coast, including the New York metropolitan area. That's 19 million people, if anyone is counting. 

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