updated basement family room
Photo: Nathan Kirkman
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Best Basement Redo: After

Who: Cindy and Tony Loomer
Where: Boise, ID

Their story: "We bought our 1957 ranch house for the mountain views—we just had to look past the dated interiors. The worst was the messy basement, which also smelled of smoke from a poorly ventilated fireplace.

"To eliminate the stink (and the pain of lugging logs downstairs), we put in a new gas-fired insert. Tony created a grout-free slate surround by painstakingly trimming the tiles until they fit snugly, without any joints. I love how it looks like a patchwork quilt!

Take a video tour of this winning family room.

Shown: Built-ins create order, a new gas fireplace resolves the smell, and a bar and pool table make it fun.
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