updated kitchen with green cabinets
Photo: Nathan Kirkman
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Best Kitchen Redo: Made From Scratch

Who: Steve and Sandy Miller
Where: Grass Valley, CA

"For the layout, we designated one side for cooking and cleaning, with the range, sink, and dishwasher. The other is for storage, with the fridge, beadboard-paneled pantry cabinets, open shelves, and a plate rack.

"Even with extras like the glass-door inserts, steel pulls, and pressed-metal backsplash, we spent just $6,000 in materials. And by doing the installation, we saved enough to splurge on $10,000 worth of new stainless appliances. I’m a software engineer who builds stuff as a hobby, so this was quite a project! It took seven years, working in stages, but it’s our dream come true."
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