Dear House

Who: Shawn Coyle
Where: Wayne, Pa.
What: Reveals what restoring an old house has taught him.

To my older and wiser friend, my teacher, my constant companion—my house,

I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you some of the things I've never been able to say.

Remember the day we met, a little over two years ago? I was a newly married 26-year-old trying to find my way in the world, and you a 294-year-old survivor in need of serious TLC. You were tired and worn, but I could see that you still had great beauty and integrity.

I paid no mind to the bad stuff people said, that you were a gold digger and had been in too many dysfunctional relationships. I just knew you'd give as good as you got.

And so, I committed to you. In return, you taught me important life lessons. Here—in both words and snapshots—are just a few:
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