view of bridge water and plants in reader's finished pond garden
Photo: Hailee Rensi
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Going with the Flow

After spending a year hoarding rocks, I spent another digging out the irregularly shaped 14-by-26-foot pond and shoring up the walls with 650 sandbags that I filled by hand. Then, after adding the liner, came dragging large boulders to the pond on an overturned car hood chained to my tractor. Placing the water pump and filter led to buying some slate to make the waterfall flow just right. After that I figured some koi would be nice, too.

Shown: 'Goldmound' spiraea, Miscanthus sinensis 'Huron Sunrise' ornamental grass, 'Blue Star' juniper, black-eyed Susan, and daylilies are some of the stars of the pond garden.
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