after kitchen floor plan
Illustration: Ian Worpole
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Floorplan: After

Annexing a 45-square-foot porch created a more workable layout; adding windows brightened the space.

1. Opened up the breakfast nook by removing a dividing wall. This allowed for a longer run of cabinets and countertops.
2. Squared off the room by bumping out an exterior wall where a back porch had stood, making room for a bigger table. Relocated the back door, swapped it for one with a stained-glass panel, and added two more windows to channel natural light into the space and enlarge the view.
3. Created a fridge niche with a pullout pantry on one side and cabinets arranged hutch-style on the other.
4. Freed up the range, which had been jammed in a corner, by moving it to the other side of the dining room door.
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