elephant mural
Photo: The Butler Family
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Projector Project

I work at a school, and that's where I got the idea of using an overhead projector to help create the mural. I began by doing a drawing on paper, overlapping the elephants so that I could fit more in. Then I scanned the drawing into my computer and printed it on a sheet of plastic called transparency film (available at office-supply stores). Placing it on my borrowed projector, I was able to enlarge the drawing to fit on one wall. After making small adjustments, I outlined the shapes in pencil. Now I was ready to paint.

My plan was to do all four walls, but I was seven months pregnant and pretty tired! So I flipped the transparency, moved the projector closer, and created a smaller version on an adjacent wall. I used round sponges from a crafts store for the polka dots on the ears, and an artist's brush for the freehand lettering.

Shown: The elephants' polka-dot ears echo the crib sheets, and different shades of blue tie the whole room together.
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