a two-story house remodeled using Photoshop
Illustration: Howard Digital

Simple Strategies for a Two-Story

"My childhood home has barely been touched in 30 years," says David DeProspero, whose mother, Carmella, still lives in this 1925 house in Rome, New York. He's helping her bring it up to date, so we asked New York architect Judith Gerrard to give him a few suggestions.
"This house has very pleasant proportions as is,"says Gerrard. With an eye toward emphasizing its farmhouse character and taking advantage of the corner lot, she recommends wrapping the porch around the left side of the house, adding wide stairs at its perimeter, and ideally, if local codes and the foundation height allow for it, forgoing the railings. "With this change, the columns flanking the entry could be spaced farther apart to make the approach feel more gracious and welcoming," she says.

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