homeowner reworking cabinet doors in her garage workspace for this budget remodeled custom kitchen
Photo: John Gruen
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Project Tip and Tally

Homeowner Tip: "Using leftover cabinet paint on the kitchen's trim and bead-board tied the room together and saved us money." —Samantha Langdeau, Waterbury, CT

Here's how the cost broke down for this project:
Tore out the old cabinets, salvaging the bases. $0
Called in a favor for help upgrading electrical outlets. $0
Replaced the ceiling fan and added task lighting. $300
Patched the walls and ceiling with new drywall. $207
Built six pine cabinet boxes; added medium-density fiberboard doors and drawers to all the cabinets. $200
Resurfaced the laminate counter. $150
Used donated tiles for a new backsplash. $0
Upgraded to new brushed nickel hardware. $170
Built custom window arches and added crown molding. $100
Added a range hood. $140
Replaced the faucet. $110
Brightened the space with 2 gallons of primer and 4 gallons of paint. $150

Total: $1,527
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