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Photo: Tria Giovan
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The Blaney house, which Scheffer built in 1965 for his daughter, was a variant on the Cape Cod type: a low-slung, two-story, gable-end main structure bisected by a shorter front-gabled section. With less than 1,650 square feet, it boasted five bedrooms but lacked a master suite and dining room, and the front door opened right into the living room. The house, with a pool and shed in back, exuded a quiet, reserved charm, and the Blaneys hoped to keep it that way; they wanted the place to be bigger but not look bigger. "To make it work," says Liz, "the house just needed lots of little things." But, there are "lots," of course, and then there are "LOTS."

Shown: The all-white kitchen reflects light pouring through new, storm-worthy windows.
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