wooden deck chairs and table with begonia centerpiece
Photo: Linda Oyama Bryan
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Time-Tested Tips: Bed Perennials, Pot Annuals

You can have lots of flowers by growing annuals. But then you have to replant each year, and you have to battle more weeds, since all that digging exposes weed seeds to sunlight. Susan used to go heavy on annuals but learned that perennials require a lot less work. So now she devotes most of her garden beds to plants that come back year after year and just need tidying up once in a while. She still shops for annuals, but mostly to put into pots.

Shown: A centerpiece of dragonwing begonias draws attention on the back deck's dining table. Overhead, hanging pots overflow with angel-wing begonias, a favorite for their showy flowers, rapid growth, and ability to thrive in shade or partial sun.
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