backyard with single Austrian Pine
Photo: Linda Oyama Bryan
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Taming the Trees

Accomplishing her goal for the front took a little trial and error. She first put in a flower bed as a screen, but it wasn't enough. So she planted three Austrian pines. "They were only 4 feet tall, just perfect," Susan says. "It didn't dawn on me how quickly 10 years would pass." Over time, the trees grew into a wall looming over the house. So a little over a year ago, she took out two and pruned the remaining one, which has a crooked trunk, to look like a bonsai. "It still shelters the patio, but only a little."

Shown: On the south-facing side of the house, the single Austrian pine stands like an overgrown bonsai, and a large rectangular arch connects the front deck to the driveway.
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