woman and child afraid as man adds lighter fluid to flaming grill
Photo: Diane Collins and Jordan Hollender/Getty Images

Peril on the Patio

When we called to ask a spokesman for the National Barbecue Association about the ways a barbecue grill can kill you, he seemed confused and, frankly, a little disturbed. "Actually," he told us, "we're really more about the fun side of grilling—barbecue competitions and things like that. We don't really deal with the dark stuff."

Well the dark stuff is just what we're looking at here, folks. From exploding propane tanks to cancer-laden briskets, we've researched the many ways that unassuming Hibachi in your backyard can lead to your untimely demise. Sorry if the following info leads to a barbecue buzz kill—we're just looking out for you.
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