deciduous spirea shrub
Photo: Courtesy White Flower Farm
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(Fairy Queen)

This easy-to-grow deciduous shrub comes in two basic forms: bridal wreath, with cascading branches covered with clusters of white flowers, and as an erect shrubs, with red, pink or white flowers. S. cantoninsis 'Flore-Pleno' is a bridal wreath with double white flowers. S. trilobata 'Fairy Queen' also has white flowers, but a more erect form. S. densiflora, or mountain spirea, is a Western native with pink blossoms.

Grows 1-7 feet tall and up to 10 feet across, depending on the variety. Prefers full sun to light shade; regular to moderate water. Perennial in zones 3-7, though hardiness varies depending on variety.
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