brightly colored kitchen filled with vintage looks
Photo: Matthew Millman

A Vintage Look in Cheery Colors

Even in an otherwise well-preserved period house, the kitchen tends to borrow from various historical eras. So when it came time for interior designer Candra Scott to give the blandly "updated" cook space in her 1904 San Francisco home an acquired-over-time feeling, she combined Victorian-era accents with hard-working details from the 1920s and '30s. Butter-yellow walls highlight glass-front cabinets with red trim (Scott's own design), while a cheerful checkerboard floor and vintage linoleum rug mix with lots of character-filled flea-market finds. Scoured stainless steel approximates the warm look of an old-time zinc countertop.

Like what you see? Here are some ways to create a similarly eclectic look in your house.
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