mold growing out of control on furniture found in a basement
Photo: Daniel R. Schuerman
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Menacing Mold

That earthy smell in your house might not be your sweaty work boots. It could be mold. While all of us have mold spores in our homes, a build up can lead to respiratory problems and a substantial worsening of allergy and asthma symptoms, especially for children. In severe cases, mold can even lead to anaphylactic shock, which leaves you completely unable to breathe. It's a no brainer that mold most often occurs in the moistest areas of our homes, such as the kitchen, an improperly vented bathroom, or a basement, like the one shown here. Check these areas for mold regularly. Once you remove the mold, figure out what the underlying cause is, and address it promptly. Trust us, it'll make you breathe easier. 
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