samsung refrigerator with open doors and bottom freezer
Photo: Courtesy of Samsung
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13. A Fridge With Built-In Flexibility

Samsung's new family-size fridge—which hits stores in June—has French doors to hold a party platter, a high-capacity bottom-mount freezer, and an innovative in-between drawer that can be set at four different temperatures. The drawer is right at counter level so a kid can dive in there to find his own juice box, leaving you free to concentrate on the main course. Or change the drawer's temperature when company's coming and use it to hold a case of white wine or a platter of cheese. The 28-cubic-foot model is three feet deep, has a chilled-water dispenser on the door, and LED lights so you can find the catsup hiding behind the milk. Separate cooling systems keep the humidity high in the produce drawers, extending the shelf life of your lettuce so you can cut down on grocery-store runs.

As shown $2,999;
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