black staircase with gold stencil design
Photo: Patricia Lyons
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Finishing Touches

For over a year and a half, our life and conversations had revolved around the house, and it was almost sad to finish. But Petersburg is filled with people tackling similarly improbable projects, so we organized the Good Grief, What Were We Thinking Restoration and Rehabilitation Potluck Dinner. It was great fun to just sit around and talk with others about their rehab dreams and challenges.

Just a few small projects remain, like repaving the walkways and repointing some of the exterior walls. With more free time, we're volunteering around the community, which has many historic homes like ours in need of some TLC. This house may not have been a typical retirement plan, but it turned out to be the perfect one for us.

Shown: The home's partially rebuilt staircase got a new look with black paint and a gold stencil design.
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