Eighteen fifties cottage floor plan
Photo: Patricia Lyons
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What We Did

Rehabbed a 950-square-foot 1850s cottage. Remodeling cost: $65,000. Time frame: 18 months

Where We Saved: Repointing the brick fireplaces ourselves and salvaging what materials we could.

Where We Splurged: On the kitchen’s soapstone sink and custom cabinetry, but considering how much time we spend in there, it’s worth it.

What We Would Do Differently: Maybe invest in something a little more durable than pine floors. They’re all scratched up from our dog, but I guess you can call it character. (See Pet-Friendly Flooring)

Biggest Challenge: Running utilities, like plumbing, from the main house.

How We Solved It: By being patient and taking our time to plan it all out 
on paper before making any moves.
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