newly finished kitchen with shaker-style cabinets and gas fireplace
Photo: Patricia Lyons
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After: Powering Up the Kitchen

The house had only rudimentary plumbing and no electricity when we took it on. And to ensure that no one ever separated the two houses in the future, the city said we needed to run gas, plumbing, and other utility lines from the main house to the cottage we'd decided to make our new home. And it was up to Walt, ever the perfectionist, to figure out the best way to run the lines—not to mention how to bring power to the place.

By then, at least, the shell finally looked like it could withstand a stiff wind. When we first really inspected the place, I had trouble believing the brick masons who said it wouldn't fall down. I mean, you could see daylight through the brickwork. Apparently, it just needed repointing.

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