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44. Decant kibble into sealed containers to keep vermin at bay. Similar to shown at left: 21-cup Modular Canister ($6; rubbermaid.com).

45. Opt for paper- or plant-based kitty litter. Litter that contains dust-creating silica may be harmful to pets and people when inhaled.

46. Nip fleas naturally. Launder your pet's bedding regularly in hot water. Take it to a commercial laundry if your machine can't handle the bulk.

47. Make sure your clothes dryer vents outdoors so that moisture won't build up indoors and encourage mildew.

48. Wash sheets, duvet covers, and bedspreads once a week in hot water to keep asthma-inducing dust mites under control.

49. Wash your hands after loading the machine, especially when anyone in the house is sick, so that you don't catch (and spread) germs.
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