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38. Vacuum, dust, and damp-mop regularly. This will wipe out dust bunnies that can carry flame-retardant residue from electronic equipment, carpet backing, foam rubber, and other furnishings. Kids are especially vulnerable because they play on the floor.

39. Test suspect paint surfaces for lead. This known neurotoxin can be released into the air when paint chips or peels, and is present in paints made before 1978. Newer, more reliable test kits, such as the LeadCheck Household Lead Test Kit, can evaluate most light and dark colors ($19 for eight swabs; leadcheck.com). If you suspect toys of having lead paint, check the list of recalls at recalls.gov.

40. Sanitize doorknobs and toys, which can harbor germs for 48 hours. Small items can be treated with a handheld germ blaster, such as Verilux's CleanWave UV-C Sanitizing Wand ($90; verilux.com).
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