three types of bar pulls for cabinets and drawers
Photo: Mark Weiss

Quick and Easy Upgrade

The old saw is true: Changing out cabinet hardware is one of the quickest ways to refresh a tired kitchen. And a popular swap-in these days is an extra-long bar-style pull, often a plain chrome cylinder, with two "legs" that fasten to doors or drawer fronts. These oversize handles make a big statement, of course, but they're also practical: easy to grab, with room to tuck in a towel. Luckily there are lots more decorative alternatives to that ubiquitous basic bar, and most come in a wide range of lengths, from 5 to 10 inches and more, often with appliance pulls to match.

They work well beyond the kitchen, too, easily perking up sideboards, dressers, vanities, and media cabinets. One tip: If you're looking to put new pulls in old holes, you'll want to note the center-to-center measurement.

Here, 21 standout versions that raise the bar for style.
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