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Garage and Driveway

Garages are often an afterthought when it comes to home safety. Seventy-eight percent of respondents to the Home Safety Council's Safe Haven poll stated that they didn't lock away harmful chemicals like antifreeze and lawn care products in their garages. Seventy-five percent admit to not watching kids as carefully as they should while outside.

"Spot the tot" before starting up yard machinery or backing up your vehicle. Advise kids to stay still when a vehicle is on the move and roll down your windows to listen for any cues that someone may be entering your path. Staying alert will prepare you to stop and lower the risk of accidental backovers.

• Consider adding a locked garden shed for dangerous yard machinery and products.

• The bottom-heavy storage unit rule applies here, too. Put poisonous chemicals (i.e. automotive fluid, brightly colored antifreeze, pesticides, paint thinner, etc) in a child-locked or latched cabinets.

Never run a barbeque or generator in the garage. Carefully back out of the garage before warming up your car. Again, make sure working Carbon Monoxide detectors are placed throughout your home.

Consider installing a child-proofing alarm at the doorway from your home to the garage. Many home security systems feature an alert that tells you when a window or door opens.

The key to prevention is awareness. If you have another tip or idea, share it in the comment section below.
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