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The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) receives an about 25 reports a year of fatalities associated with window falls. The CPSC also reports that thousands of children are injured in related accidents, yearly. Window safety can be tricky; here are some tips you should follow.

• "Lots of old homes have double-hung windows. If you must open them, do so only from the top," Rhodes of advises. "You might also consider a window stop, like the Window Wedge, a device that limits window openings to 4 inches.

• Screens won't hold back the weight of most small children. Install a window guard with an emergency release mechanism, which adults can quickly activate for escape in the event of a fire.

• The National Safety Council cites that the degree of injury sustained from a window fall can be affected by the surface on which the victim lands. They suggest planting shrubs and soft edging like wood or grass beneath windows, if possible.

Cut loops in blind and drapery cords to prevent strangulation. Tie or roll cords up so they're out of the reach of children. The Window Covering Safety Council recommends cord stops, devices that keep dangling cords encased and out of reach.

The key to prevention is awareness. If you have another tip or idea, share it in the comment section below.
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