salvaged spiral staircase installed on open landing area
Photo: Wendell T. Webber
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Save Space With a Spiral Staircase

Install a compact spiral staircase to conserve floor space. Creating access to an upper story—say, for an attic conversion or addition—can gobble up valuable square footage. A spiral staircase is a compact alternative to a traditional one. The homeowners opted to install this salvaged stair—found on Brownstoner, a neighborhood blog—when they designated the house's main staircase as tenants' access. It fits neatly into a 5-foot-square area and gives them a way to move between floors without stepping into the hallway.

TOH Tip: Narrow doors make rooms look bigger by leaving more uninterrupted wall space.

Stair restoration: DVS Iron & Aluminum Works, Brooklyn, NY; 646-573-5953
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