highly reflective glass and wood window seen from the outside of a house
Photo: Courtesy of Marvin
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Glazing Choices

Vintage single-pane "wavy" glass can't be beat for character, but it provides little protection against the heat and cold. With today's glass, called glazing, you can get more insulation and added security, and can save time and money on window washing.

Much more efficient than single-pane, it can be improved further with heat-reflective low-e coatings and by filling the space between the glass sheets with a denser-than-air gas, such as krypton or argon.

It's the best barrier against the cold but reduces light transmission and adds weight and cost.

A titanium-dioxide coating reacts with sunlight to loosen dirt, which washes off in the rain. (You still have to clean the indoor surfaces.)

An invisible layer of plastic sandwiched between two sheets of standard glass helps to foil intruders, block sound, and withstand earthquakes and hurricanes.

Shown: Marvin Ultimate Double Hung
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