person installing a window into an opening in an outside wall
Photo: Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn
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Wood Windows: Vitals

What Do They Cost?
An off-the-shelf, 36-by-54-inch pine double-hung with insulated glass runs about $270. The same window made to order with high-performance glazing will be about $825. In mahogany the cost jumps to $2,100.

How Long Do They Last?
A wood sash and frame will last indefinitely, if properly maintained. Glazing is typically warranted against fogging for 20 years.

Can You Install Them Yourself?
Leave it to a pro to put a new full-frame window into a rough opening. Replacing just the sashes is a DIY-friendly job. Shown above: Pella Precision-Fit;

How Much Can They Save You?
Energy Star–rated windows can shave 7 to 24 percent off your heating and cooling costs, depending on the type of window you're replacing and the part of the country you're in.
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