a high end thumb-latch handle-set featured in comparison to a budget set
Photo: Wendell T. Webber
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High End Thumb Latch Handleset

Hardware Renaissance Verona Thumb Latch With Interior Lever

Size: 2½ x 18½ inches

Warranty: Lifetime on construction

Material: Hand-forged steel; each piece has a unique pattern of hammer marks that add to its old-time charm.

Details: The hand-wrought pigtail on the keyhole cover would be difficult to replicate through casting.

Design: The rough, handcrafted appearance is well suited to Tudor or Spanish Colonial Revival houses.

Finish: Hot wax brushed on at the factory darkens the steel and protects it from rust.

Fasteners: Slotted oval-head screws are inspired by old European wrought-iron hardware.

Bottom Line: This one-of-a-kind piece shows off its handworked details. An occasional waxing will keep it looking good for a lifetime.

Price: about $2,105 (mortise only) from Hardware Renaissance
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