a closeup on a house with new roof, new paint job and a front yard makeover
Photo: ©Mary McMurray.com
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Case Study 6: Handsome Roof

Wanting to go bold, the homeowners chose a rich red for the new composite roof tiles. The bright hue draws the eye up, emphasizing some of the home's best architectural features, such as the rafter tails, dormers, and porch.

Four color families in nine different shades appear on the exterior, but the variations are subtle to avoid making the house look like a circus tent. Golden yellow siding creates a sunny backdrop. Red window sashes and muntins tie in to the roof and give the windows depth within their crisp off-white casings. Painting the gutters to blend with the roof, trim, and siding cuts visual clutter, while a dark blue-green lattice around the foundation fades into the landscaping. Together, these budget-friendly fixes yield substantial dividends, giving the house a fresh new face and brightening the whole block.
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