the Newton Centre, MA TV project remodeled hallway and stairwell
Photo: Anthony Tieuli
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Main Hall: After

A Hallway that Bridges Old and New

The existing opening, preserved during the renovation, inspired a clever modification to the hallway. Steps leading to the new rooms upstairs had to be cut into the first-floor ceiling in this area during the renovation, resulting in uneven ceiling heights. To mask the problem, TOH general contractor Tom Silva built a second arch, connecting the two with a barrel-vault ceiling that disguises the height discrepancies and creates a cozy transition between the original parts of the house and the revamped and new spaces. "We thought it was a great way to turn a problem into a distinctive feature of the house using an existing architectural element," says Gillian. "And we'll always be proud of our 'Tom Silva original.'"

Paint: Benjamin Moore
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