A Special Valentine

"Once we got over the hump of meeting the codes, it was a lot smoother sailing," says Betsy. The couple focused on acquiring materials and adding personal touches to their new home. In homage to where they first met, they added seashells to the face of the newly poured foundation.

They also worked on making the remodel as eco-friendly as possible, using vegetable-based foam insulation, energy-efficient argon-filled windows, and salvaged materials. Betsy found 10 pallets worth of heart pine boards while driving by a 150-year old cotton mill in North Carolina that was being torn down. "I'm literally standing in a construction site, screaming into my cell phone 'Dan, you've got to trust me on this," recalls Betsy. Dan was later able to find a place that would mill the wide-plank boards into their home's new flooring, doors and more.

Pictured: Betsy's DIY Valentine's Day message to Dan in 2006, midway through their remodel.
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