kitchen upgrade featuring a library-style ladder used to access top kitchen cabinets
Photo: Beth Singer
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Rolling Ladder: The Inspiration

A library-style ladder prevents the space in high-up kitchen cabinets from going to waste.

The Kit We Picked
Quiet Glide Wooden Ladder and Hardware, Custom Service Hardware

Why We Like It
À la carte ordering. Parts are sold separately in a variety of wood types and hardware finishes, letting you customize a kit for your kitchen and budget.

The Specs
We chose an 8-foot-tall unfinished red oak ladder with metal rung supports, an 8-foot-long track, top rollers that allow the ladder to glide on the track, and bottom wheels.

What It Costs
About $802

How Much You Save
$200 or more. Prices for a similar setup from a library ladder manufacturer start at $1,000.
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