kitchen upgrades including (clockwise from top left) a rolling ladder, a range hood cover, a breakfast nook and cabinet inserts
Photo: (clockwise from top left) Beth Singer; Charles Walton IV; Alex Vertikoff; Stephen Karlisch

DIY Kits for Beautiful Built-In Details

We'd all trick out our kitchens with fine-finish carpentry and built-ins if it weren't for the off-putting price tags. So the editors of This Old House set out to find inexpensive kit versions of those coveted details, such as bench seating for an eat-in breakfast nook and in-cabinet storage racks for wine and plates. Then we asked pro carpenter Jimmy DiResta to put the kits to the test, and offer tips on customizing them for a high-end look. Read on for the 6 DIY kit picks, assembly tips, and easy modification ideas.
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