galvanized steel beverage tubs mounted to provide storage shelving over coat hooks
Photo: Thomas J. Story
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December: Hang Tubs for Wintry Gear

If there's no place to park them, scarves, gloves, and hats can become a tangled heap in your entryway, complicating matters for anyone on their way out the door. To store winter items that can slip off conventional shelves, mount galvanized-steel beverage tubs to the wall above a row of coat hooks. To hang them: Locate and mark the wall studs, then drill at least two holes for each tub, making sure one goes into a stud and using a toggle-bolt anchor in the other hole. Drill corresponding holes on the bottom of each tub, and use deck screws to fasten them to the wall. Check for level and adjust the tubs as needed. They'll add a touch of rustic charm in an entryway—and keep the party spirit alive for months to come.

Shown here: Galvanized beverage tub, similar to shown, about $30; Personal Creations
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