sliding display panels to disguise utility panels while leaving them accessible
Photo: Charles Walton
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November: A Display Station Disguise

Electrical panels, thermostats, big switch plates—they're household necessities, but that doesn't mean you need to look at them 24/7. Sliding display panels keep them accessible but under wraps. Make them with two-track hardware and wheels (available at Stanley Hardware), as shown, or use a sliding-door kit instead.

The How-To:
1. Pick up a kit with bypass tracks that are wall-mountable (also called "face-fixed"). Install the tracks above and below the area you wish to cover.
2. Cut two equal pieces of panel board to size. Coat one with chalkboard paint; cover the other with self-stick corkboard.
3. Use the door hardware to affix one panel to each track so that they can slide behind each other.

Reminder: Be sure you can slide the panels out of the way to access what's behind them.
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