a circular saw made by Porter-Cable with reviewer head shot inset
Photo: Ted Morrison
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Porter Cable PC18CSL

Highlights: Built-in laser helps you cut straighter; blade to right of handle.

Tester: Maxine Dilday, Jackson, Miss.

Skill level: Beginning DIYer ("I've never used a circular saw.")

Used tool for: Cutting 1x molding.

My two cents: "All the cuts, even in MDF and oak, were smooth, and my confidence increased the more I used the saw. The laser was accurate right out of the box."

Tool stats: 7.2 pounds, 18-tooth blade with 50-degree bevel capacity and 2 3⁄32-inch maximum cutting depth, stamped-steel shoe and blade housing, 4,000 rpm.

Price: About $60 for saw and about $120 for battery and charger (Delta Machinery/Porter-Cable)

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