bathroom of this victorian and craftsman style cottage after remodel
Photo: Susan Seubert
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On the second floor, we upgraded the bath's powder-blue vanity with a more period-appropriate marble-topped one. I tried refinishing the wood that was underneath several layers of vinyl flooring. But 50 hours of hot, smelly work and several heat-gun burns later, I discovered the old fir floor couldn't be saved. There was so much water damage from the leaky cast-iron pipes and toilet that we ended up having to redo the floor and reinforce some of the supporting joists. Thankfully, we found some salvaged fir flooring to replace the original.

One day we'd like to turn the basement into a wine cellar and exercise room. For now, though, we're taking a little break to recuperate from the past six years—or trying to, at least. You know what they say: You're never done with projects until you move. And Tye and I plan on this first home being our last.

Pictured: Salvaged fir flooring replaced layers of linoleum and rotten wood, while vintage-style light fixtures and a marble-topped vanity add touches of luxury to the space.

Lighting fixtures: Rejuvenation
Salvaged house parts: Aurora Mills Architectural Salvage
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