dining room with recessed woodwork panel walls of this victorian and craftsman style cottage
Photo: Susan Seubert
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Dining Room

You see, when Tye and I first moved to Albany, Oregon, from our northeastern towns, we were disappointed to learn that anything built out here before the 1970s is considered old. It made the search for our first home pretty frustrating—until we came across this house, which blends Victorian and Craftsman-style features. Seems Oregon builders had a penchant for combining styles even then. The gorgeous dining room and the stately yet elegantly simple arched entry alone made me fall in love with this place when we saw it in 2003.

The good—and bad—was that little had been done to the house's interior. The plaster walls and many of the wavy glass windows had cracks, the plumbing was falling apart, and there was no insulation. To heat one of the upstairs bedrooms, a car radiator had been rigged up in place of an ornate Victorian one. But the house had good bones and a lot of original woodwork, glass, and other details worth saving. We were sure we could tackle the project.

Pictured: The dining room's recessed panel woodwork had to be refinished after the radiator incident flooded the room.
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