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Honorable Mention: Over the River and Through the Woods

"This gingerbread house was inspired by the song of the same name. I have fond memories of going to my own grandmother's house so many years ago. The horse and sleigh are made from gingerbread, and the harness from red licorice. The folks riding in the sleigh were made from colored gumdrops formed into shapes. The blanket was made from yellow gumdrop rolled thin with a rolling pin. The woman's hat, hands, and scarf were piped from royal icing. The old fashioned bridge was made with several small pieces of cookies. Frosty, in the front of the gingerbread house itself, has a gumdrop base and was piped with royal icing, then finished with pieces of gumdrops. The house roof was made from gum painted with red food coloring. The trees are gingerbread and decorated with cinnamon candy, icing and pastel bits. What a great way to celebrate This Old House!"

Mary Jane R.
Pittsburgh, PA
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